Release Notes for Version 2.0.2 05 August 2020


  • Fixed a regression with Gizmo's Custom axes where the origin would not reset to the selection center.

Release Notes for Version 2.0.1 31 July 2020

Improvements / Changes

  • Updated Chinese translation.
  • Added Russian translation.


  • Vertex editor now updates when current context changes.
  • Fixed a bug where menus/shortcuts didn't activate the correct selection tool.
  • Fixed a bug where switching Vertex Slide mode while the tool was active didn't take effect.
  • Fixed a bug where switching the Gizmo from Custom axes didn't update the gizmo origin.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the viewport (scrolling, orbiting) while using Custom axes would reset the Gizmo origin.

Release Notes for Version 2.0.0 17 July 2020


  • Minimum SketchUp 2017.
  • Best experience with SketchUp 2020.0 or newer.

New Features

  • New viewport UI with panels for quicker feature access.
  • Integration with shortcuts to native select/move/rotate/scale tools.
  • Vertex Slide - move vertices along connected edges.
  • Bridge - Connects two rows of vertices.
  • Bevel - Bevel selected vertices.
  • Poke - Insert new vertex on face and offset it.
  • Relax - Smooth the mesh by moving existing vertices.
  • Merge to Picked Point Tool
  • Heal Vertices - Merges vertices overlapping each other.

Improvements / Changes

  • Soft-Selection can now be limited to only connected geometry.
  • Soft-Selection radius can be limited to connected edge distance.
  • Right-clicking the gizmo brings up Gizmo context menu directly.
  • Gizmo now let you move in two dimensions.
  • Gizmo Scale now support extrude with Ctrl modifier.
  • Gizmo Scale snaps to zero.
  • Gizmo extrude now support single vertices.
  • Rotate tool can now lock orientation using the arrow keys.
  • Scale tool can now lock orientation using the arrow keys.
  • Tool specific context menus are now also available in the main menu so
  • keyboard shortcuts can be assigned.
  • Double clicking on an instance or outside an instance while using a Selection
  • tool will open/close the instance. (SketchUp 2020.0 or newer)
  • General performance improvements.
  • "Demo Mode" displaying some key-presses in the viewport. Useful when creating tutorials.


  • Vertex editor now updates when current context changes.
  • Added guard against tools such as Organizer that caused errors.
  • Gizmo and viewport UI doesn't interfere with Polygon Select any more.
  • Many, many more smaller fixes.

Release Notes for Older Versions