Vertex Slide More information

Move vertices along their connected edges to move vertices along the surface of the geometry. Useful for fine-tuning edge loops.

Bridge More information

Select two sets of vertices, each with the same number of vertices and quad-faces will be generated between them.

Bevel More information

Bevel selected vertices by given distance or percentage.

Poke More information

Insert new vertices in the center of faces then "poke" it outwards or inwards.

Relax More information

Relaxing vertices evens out the distances between them. Useful to clean up edge loops with uneven distances between each other.

Merge More information

Merge vertices to a single point or collapse vertices very close to each other, cleaning up the mesh.

New in version 2.0: Merge all selected vertices to a single point chosen by picking a point in the model.

Manipulator Gizmo More information

The Gizmo allows for quick manipulations without switching out of selection mode. All its actions can be adjusted by the VCB for final precision adjustments.

Extrude Edges More information

Use the Gizmo to quickly extrude edges from your selected geometry. It even takes into account the soft-selection.

Soft Selection More information

Soft-selection is a key feature which allows for organic modelling, blending the transition of the mesh modifications.

Auto-Smooth More information

When a face is deformed in such a way that its vertices are no longer coplanar, SketchUp Autofolds the face by adding new edges. These edges are normally not soft or smooth which as a result produce a faceted surface.

When Auto-Smooth is enabled these new edges will be softened and smoothed ensuring a continuous surface.

Lock UV Mapping More information

Where SketchUp normally will distort your UV mapping, Vertex Tools will preserve it. Manipulate the model's geometry and the UV mapping is pinned to each vertex ensuring you keep continuity.