User Interface

Vertex Tools’ menus are located under SketchUp’s Tool menu. Vertex editing mode can be activated from its submenus. Edit Vertices and Preferences are the main items in the sub-menu. The other menus, such as Move, Rotate, Scale, etc. are there primarily to act as shortcut hooks so that SketchUp’s Shortcut manager can be used to assign shortcuts to the various functions. This is described in detail in the Shortcuts section.

Context Menus

While vertex editing a different context menu is available. It gives access to functions and preferences dependent on the active vertex editing tool. The context menu contains some items that are only accessible from the context menu:


When a face is deformed in such a way that its vertices are no longer coplanar, Sketchup Autofolds the face by adding new edges. These edges are normally not soft or smooth which as a result produce a faceted surface.

When Auto-Smooth is enabled these new edges will be softened and smoothed ensuring a continuous surface.

Show Normals

Turn this on for visual clue representing the normals for the surfaces connected to the vertex. The normals point in the same direction as the front side of the connected faces.

Lock UV Mapping

When enabled it will lock the UV mapping of textured faces when manipulated. This works best on quads and triangles.


Vertex Mode Toolbar

Vertex Tools’ main toolbar appears only when vertex editing mode is activated. It is drawn directly onto SketchUp’s viewport and because of that it does not behave exactly like the normal toolbars in SketchUp.

  • It cannot float over other windows.
  • It cannot move outside SketchUp’s viewport.

SketchUp Toolbar

A normal SketchUp toolbar is available that provides a single button to activate vertex mode. This toolbar is by default not visible.

Availible from: View » Toolbars » Vertex Tools

Information Panel

The information panel floats on the screen while editing vertices displaying vertex statistics of the current selection. It can be moved around by clicking and dragging within the dotted frame that appear when the mouse is over it.