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Relative Sharpness

There are two ways to specify sharpness to creases.

Relative sharpness let you set the sharpness as a value between 0.0 and 1.0. Sharpness of 1.0 will be 100% sharp at any subdivision level, 0.5 sharpness would be 50% sharpness at any subdivision level.

Absolute sharpness sets the crease based on subdivision levels. If you have subdivided 2 times and set creasing to 1.0, then it produce a 50% creasing. If you increase the subdivision to 3 times, the sharpness remains at 1.0 and you get 33.3% sharpness.

Fix Manifolds

As of version 2.0, SUbD can subdivide meshes with internal faces. However, this isn't always desired. By enabling this option SUbD will check is a mesh is a manifold with internal faces. If it is then it will offer to remove the internal faces when attempting to subdivide.

Replace Push/Pull Tool

This option allows SUbD to replace the native SketchUp Push/Pull tool with SUbD's custom tool. When this is checked, whenever the native tool is activated, SUbD will intercept and active SUbD's custom push tool instead.


SUbD is translated to a number of languages. Select your preferred language from this drop down.

High DPI

If you use SketchUp 2017 this option is not available as everything will adapt to your monitor resolution automatically. This setting is only relevant for users of older SketchUp versions.

If you are using a high-DPI monitor like a Retina monitor you want to enable the High DPI preference option. This double the size of the viewport UI widgets like the Crease Tool displays.

You may have to restart SketchUp for this setting to take full effect.