New Features

OpenSubdiv Powered

SUbD now uses industry standard OpenSubdiv to compute subdivisions.

OpenSubdiv was developed by Pixar and released as open source in order to encourage fast consistent subdivision across applications.

Entity Info Dialog

A new SUbD Entity Info dialog is available exposing the new OpenSubdiv options.

Better control over your mesh smoothing.

Fine tune the UV mapping.

And more...

WrapR Support

SUbD will use and preserve your WrapR UV seams.


Improved Mesh Support

Meshes can now contain internal faces.

Improved Quad-triangulation

Quad triangulation is now preserved for planar quads.

Manipulate Multiple Instances

You can now adjust subdivision of multiple selected instances.

High DPI Support

High DPI support for dialogs, icons, cursors and tools.

This works best with SketchUp 2017 and newer. In older versions you have to enable High DPI under preferences preference 1.

Improved Crease Tool Performance

Crease Tool's performance is greatly improved.


  • Fixed quad triangulation some times flipping.
  • Fixed dialogs in SketchUp 16 and older to use the High DPI setting to scale up the dialog size.
  • Many other smaller fixes.

Breaking Changes

Since OpenSubdiv now computes the subdivisions there might be minor differences in the result between version 1 and version 2:

Face Orientation Matter!

This is probably the most noticeable change. In version 2 you will get different results if your mesh have faces not oriented consistently.


Some small differences with creases might be observed. OpenSubdiv creates much smoother (and correct) creases when you adjust the values up/down. In previous versions you might sometimes see the creases make small jumps.

Known Issues

  1. Dialog content won't scale correctly in SketchUp 2016 and older for high DPI monitors.

Download (Includes 30 Day Trial)

Latest Version: 2.1.9
Requirement Minimum
SketchUp 2016
Windows 7
Internet Explorer 9
macOS 10.8


Known Issues and Limitations

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Incremental updates (x.1, x.2 etc.) are free.

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