SketchUp Extensions Working with Quads

QuadFace Tools

The backbone of working with quads in SketchUp. Provide basic tools to create and manipulate quad faces - including non-planar quads.

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QuadFace Tools Manual


Automatically softens and smooths autofolded edges created by the native Move, Rotate and Scale tools.

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Curviloft is a script dedicated to Loft and Skinning, that is, generation of surfaces from contours.

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Flowify is an extension that bends groups or components along a quad surface. The source geometry is related to a projection grid and the geometry is then mapped onto a quad target surface.

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MoveAlong is a standalone script which is part of FredoTools. It allows Moving and Copying entities, as well as Rotating components and groups by their center along axes.

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Fredo's ThruPaint extension support quads for UV mapping among its wide range of UV mapping features.

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TopoShaper allows you to generate terrains from a group of iso-contours resulting in a quad-based mesh.

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Vertex Tools

When manipulating vertices using Vertex Tools it will ensure that new edges created by Auto-Fold the edges becomes compatible with QuadFace Tools. This means that you can let coplanar faces breat into two triangles and they will still be treated as a single quad.

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Latest Version: 2.1.7
Requirement Minimum
SketchUp 2016
Windows 7
Internet Explorer 9
macOS 10.8


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